About Paramount Recycling Company (PRC)

  • Paramount Recycling Company (PRC) has established itself well in organized E-Waste recycling in the state of Delhi.

    Backed by its young promoters and their quest to excel, PRC is now looking to explore other aspects of recycling; with the ultimate objective of evolving PRC not only as an E-Waste Recycling company, but to make it an “End-to-End Recycling Company that can handle recycling of various streams of Scrap”.

    We offer reliable services that are rendered as per the specifications provided by the clients. We make sure that all our services are in strict compliance with industry standards and norms. We make sure our proffessionals deliver the services to the clients within due time and with high level of accuracy. The services are acclaimed for their timely execution, premium quality, cost-effectiveness, reliability and promptness.

    In the Indian scenario, we find companies need to manage multiple vendors for different classifications of Scrap; thus wasting executive time and energy and resources, as also, the local vendors do not follow ethical and standardized business practices.
  • Story behind Paramount Recycling

    The story started when the promoters realized that the organized E-Waste Recyclers cannot sustain their operations by only concentrating on E-Waste disposed by Companies as the un-organized Scrap traders played a huge part in the business.

    By virtue of the support and trust that both the promoters had garnered directly from the key management of the organized E-Waste Recyclers; the first activities of the promoters was buying E-Waste from the un-organized sector, doing a whole lot of value-add by virtue of segregation and sorting the E-Waste and then selling segregated E-Waste to organized recyclers with best competence to recycle the supplied E-Waste.

    Over the years, and with the changes in India’sE-Waste Policy, the promoters saw opportunity of entering into the organized E-Waste recycling mainstream and thus was formed this company, "Paramount Recycling Company".