Scrap Services for Hospital

  • Hospitals generate a lot of Waste and Scrap, not all of which is Bio-Medical Waste. After a lot of deliberation with a few major Hospitals, we realized that if proper entry level mechanism of separation is started at Hospitals, a lot of value erosion can be curtailed.

    In the current mechanism, the Scrap generated in Hospitals is not collected / segregated properly. Which results in the Hospital’s Bio-medical waste Collection Vendors taking a lot of Scrap that is not “Bio-Medical Waste”, which these Vendors are not competent in recycling and sell it as traders.

    The Management at PRC realized that with a small planning and co-ordination, collection / segregation at the Hospital can be done jointly between PRC and the Hospitals; wherein Bio-medical waste and Non-Bio Medical would be stored separately, and non Bio-Medical. Consequently, the erosion in collections from Non-Biomedical Waste could be plugged.

    We are currently focusing on the Delhi NCR and with time, would scale-up to nearby Industrial hubs too.
  • What we Buy?

    Keeping in view the essence of the objective with which we had created this division, we have shaped up our operations in such a way that we do not let our clients down when it comes to recycling of their Scrap / disposables; covering almost all types of Scrap.
  • We accept and recycle the following:-

    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Paper
    • Plastic Bottles
    • Glass Bottles
    • Used Medical Equipment's
    • Used MRI Machines
    • Dental Scrap
    • Scraps of Pharma Blister Packs
    • Metal Scrap (Ferrous)
    • X-Ray Scrap
    • X-Ray Hypo Solution
    • M RI Scraps
    • Electronic Waste (e-Waste)
    • Polythene Scrap
    • Wood Scrap
    • Electrical Scrap
    • Scrap of Cables
    • Metal Scrap (Non-Ferrous)