Scrap Services for Hotels

  • Hospitality being a Service Industry, managing the disposables and Scrap can be a very big challenge for the Management. This coupled with the fact that Hospitality Services are offered 24 x 7; the generation of Scrap too is continuous. In addition to incurring costs of waste disposal, Hotels need to also allocate valuable back-of—the House space for waste to be stored and sorted. There are other concerns as well, namely the health and safety of those coming into contact with the waste, and the noise created by waste compaction and collection. So, the Scrap and disposables need to be collected daily and the Scrap Vendor needs to do handle the Segregation, Transportation, Sorting, Grading everyday so that the whole process is seamlessly repeated.

    Due to the above, the Scrap Vendor has to be professional enough to understand the challenges and step-into the shoes and offer the best solution; with on-time services, everyday without any failures, 365 days an year. There cannot be any room for failure, even for a single day.

    Contrary to the above, the team at PRC found that Star Hotels in India (including the ones in the Delhi NCR) currently have agreements with Un-organized players. With a few Hotels having agreements with Non Profit Making Government Organizations (NGO’s) who further sublet their contract to Un-organized players to do the collection of Scrap. The NGO’s getting profit on the name of giving employment to the poor, etc; picking the Scrap at very less commercials, and making mockery of the Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility System (CSR) as well as their own objectives, Mission and Vision.

    The Hotels that have given the Contract directly to Un-organized players are yet to experience the way the things should be done, and more importantly, the way things should be done "Responsibly".

    We are currently focusing on the Delhi NCR and with time, would scale-up to nearby Industrial hubs too.
  • What we Buy?

    Keeping in view the essence of the objective with which we had created this division, we have shaped up our operations in such a way that we do not let our clients down when it comes to recycling of their Scrap / disposables; covering almost all types of Scrap.
  • We accept and recycle the following:-

    • Kitchen Waste
    • Organic Food Waste
    • Packaging Waste
    • Aluminium Cans
    • Glass Bottles
    • Corks
    • Cooking Oils
    • Empty Plastic Containers
    • Empty Tin Cans
    • Empty PP Bags
    • Plastic Wrappers
    • HDPE
    • LLDPE Bags
    • Empty PET Bottles (Mineral Water)
    • Housekeeping Department
    • Maintenance Department
    • Offices
    • Scrap of Cleaning Materials
    • Iron Scrap
    • Toner Cartridges
    • Scrap of Plastic Packing
    • Aluminium Scrap Paper
    • Cigarate Buds
    • Used Copper Wiring
    • Cardboard Waste
    • Polythese Bags
    • Used Batteries